Does it really need to take 20 minutes to create a supervisor account? Adding all those permissions and features and then to do it again with another user. What a waste of time.

Do I have to give root permissions to my help desk just to reset a password?  Seems like a big risk doesn’t it?

Why is my CMS running so slow, I wish I knew who was doing that.  Well guess and wonder and stress no more.  Powertools is here to solve the problems.  We have been working with CMS for 20+years and we found those tasks frustrating as well.  So what did we do about it, well, we created Powertools.  The application designed to simplify all those tasks that should just be easier.

Need to check a log? Did you know there are well over a dozen that should be looked at on CMS?  The log viewer module places them right at your finger tips with ease.

<Insert Log capture here>

Creating supervisor accounts has never been easier.  Pick and choose your options in one simple screen.  Then save it as a template!  Use the template over and over to quickly add users with the features and permissions you want.

<Insert sup add here>

Did you know if you have a lot of undefined login IDs in your agent groups that you are slowing the CMS server down?  We knew that and we created a module just for cleaning those groups out.  With a single click you can clean up the agent group and no longer be the trouble maker.

<Agent group clean up here>

I wonder who is running that report that is slowing CMS down so much.  Well let use show you! Out system load module will pinpoint that report that is hurting productivity.

<System load capture here>

If only you could add those 2000 new VDNs and agents IDs from that CSV file you spent hours creating.  Powertools to the rescue.  Quickly and effortlessly add dozens, or thousands of new entries to the CMS dictionary.  Our bulk load tool saves tons of time and frees you up for more important tasks.

<Bulk Load>

When is the last time you cleaned out the dictionary?  When was the last time that supervisor even logged in.  Our clean up modules put your mind at rest and show you exactly what you want to see.  Quickly and easily filter based on date the item was last used and clean up the CMS in seconds.

<Clean up images here.>

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