Tools & Apps


  • Voast’s iCMSData is a powerful tool used to gather information from the Avaya Call Management System. The iCMSData application is a Microsoft Windows service that can gather real-time data along with historical information to provide integrated data results to a number of countless output options.  For more information and to see some samples of some we have created in the past.  Click Here.

CMS Power Tools

  • CMS Power Tools is a powerful, modular designed, application to simplify CMS tasks and increase productivity. Power Tools brings multiple step processing into single click reach. Power Tools allows you to bring vital CMS information to your desktop quickly and efficiently. Power Tools also simplifies tedious tasks to a quick and painless process.

Voast’s CMS Emailer

  • Voast’s CMS emailer is a small but mighty utility for those using CMS.  The application generates emails automatically based on a schedule you create.  It can send the email to one or multiple recipients and either embed the report as HTML or send it as an attached PDF.  For more information follow this link.