Voast’s CMS Emailer

What CMS can do:  CMS can generate reports.  Show you how many calls are in queue or what agent 12345 is up to.  CMS can also show you what happened yesterday in your center or last week.

What CMS cannot do:  CMS cannot generate emails.  Well that is unfortunate isn’t it?  At least until now.

Avaya PSO does offer an application that can be installed on the CMS server that can generate text based emails and send them on a pre determined time.  But what if you need to change the email addresses? You have to call Avaya.  How about change the report that is being sent, again, you have to call Avaya.  Can you send that designer report you worked so hard on?  Nope.  What if you need the report in PDF format, sorry you are out of luck.

Voast sees this as an issue, so we created a solution.  The Voast CMS Emailer.  This windows based application can run ANY report on the CMS system and email it to anyone you like, when you like and all within your control.  Would you like that email as embedded HTML or maybe an attached PDF, we can do that.  Would you like to send 1 report or maybe 100, we can do that as well.  With this utility you are able to generate emails when, to where, and whenever you wish.



Don’t waste your time running CMS reports to files and attaching them to emails, let us do that for you.

Contact info@voast.com for more information.